'The Challenge' Tributes to Knight & Diem On Social Media Are So Moving

Watching Diem's departure from Challenge was difficult. The first act of the show followed Chris "CT" Tamburello returning home from a night out to find that his former girlfriend and longtime friend, Diem Brown, had been taken to the hospital because the abdominal pain she had been suffering from had reached a critical level. As fans watched Diem come back to the house, and then back to the hospital, carried in CT's arms, from gurnee to gurney until she was returned back to the United States for further examination, we all knew what they would reveal... Diem's cancer had returned and she died a short time later.

But if Diem's pain was difficult to watch for fans, especially knowing what was to come after she left the show, then increase that tenfold for the pain of Diem's fellow cast members who experienced her pain in that house in Panama, and the subsequent loss of a friend. For cast members of the current season of The Challenge , watching Battle of the Exes II as it airs isn't just seeing the final moments of Diem and Ryan Knight — Knight also passed away shortly after the show wrapped filming and just two weeks after Diem — on film, but reliving the final moments that they spent with their friends.

Following Diem and Knight's deaths, their fellow Challenge cast members have spoken out in their memory to various outlets like Us Weekly, where Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio said of Diem, "That girl fought until her f---ing last breath." But the biggest outpouring of love for Diem and Knight has been on social media, where their MTV family and current Challenge players have paid tribute to their memory time and time again...

In Tribute

When news of Diem and Knight's deaths reached cast members, many reached out on Twitter and Instagram to express their condolences for their families and remember them for the people that they were.

Favorite Memories

Diem and Knight both took great pride and happiness from their time spent on The Challenge, and their cast members have spread the joy of remembering their best qualities, good times, and lives well lived.

With Thanks and Celebration

As the Battle of the Exes II season began to air — dedicated to Diem and Knight — and especially with the episode that featured Diem's exit, cast members poured out their thanks and celebration of the lives for the two friends they've lost.

And surely the loss that hit closest to home was that between longtime friends and favorite love story of The Challenge, CT and Diem. Sources told People that CT spent Diem's final days with her and he reached out to fans on Instagram to thank them for their support and let them know that he would be taking some time for himself following the loss of Diem.

Supporting Diem's Legacy

It's always nice to remember that social media can do a lot of good. Following the Diem's death, many cast members have been posting, reminding fans that they can donate to the foundation that she dedicated her life to: MedGift aims to support the healing and coping process for those suffering from chronic illnesses and provide them with financial resources via with donations that go directly to families via their "Support Page."

Johnny Bananas even created a "Diem Strong" t-shirt as a part of his Real Johnny Bananas clothing line with 100 percent of the proceeds going to registered MedGift patients.

Image: MTV