11 TV Actors Who Look Nothing Like Their Famous Characters IRL

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The experience of seeing certain actors out of costume is nothing short of momentous. Remember the first time you saw Dorota from Gossip Girl in street clothes? How about Anna from Downton Abbey in red carpet gear? Go ahead and put the entire cast of Game of Thrones on that list, because that show is WIG city. One thing's for sure: there are plenty of TV actors who don't look like their famous characters IRL. That's why seeing them at press events and on the red carpet is always sure to make you do a double take.

Whether its with the addition of a wig, some facial hair, or a visible time period-apropos make under, costumes can really alter a person's appearance to a CRAZY extent. These 11 TV stars look super different when they're out of character are living proof of that phenomenon.

Image: PBS; Getty Images

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