Katy Perry's Fake Super Bowl Song is Hilarious

by Kenya Foy

As if the responsibility of entertaining the millions of Super Bowl halftime show viewers isn't enough of a task, Katy Perry recently took a stab at doing some PR for the event as well. The Wrap reports that Perry leaked a fake Super Bowl song to preview her upcoming performance for the fans, and let's just say if her target musical genre was hilariously cheesy songs from a random '80s film score, then her goofy faux Super Bowl anthem hits the bull's eye. There's not much that will prevent me from watching Perry and Lenny Kravitz on Super Bowl Sunday, but I can certainly appreciate the "Dark Horse" singer's quirky, creative way of promoting her appearance.

The song, titled "Katy Perry Leaked Super Bowl Song," features some laughably basic lyrics like, "I like to run, I like to watch the football game," as well as a purposefully lackluster chorus of "Football, Super Bowl," backed by the saddest attempts at harmonizing I've ever heard in my life. The good thing, though, is that the song also features Kravitz — only, he doesn't sing, and at one point, he actually plugs T-Mobile. Also, even better, he closes out the song with a few words about pollution and people fighting wars.

OK, so the song's pretty funny. But, did we even need this attention grab? Here's the thing: Perry's hilarity is a given and she's clearly popular and successful enough to book one of the most coveted stages known to mankind, so I doubt her fans really needed any more convincing to tune into the show.

(On the other hand, it's probably a good idea to get the jokes out of the way because odds are that a halftime show prank wouldn't go over so well with the crowd — so maybe this was just smart planning?)

Check out Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz's hilarious "leaked" Super Bowl song below: