Sam Smith To His Haters: "Ignore"

Why anyone would want to attack Sam Smith is completely beyond me. Sure, we only know him through his music and interviews, but he just seems like such a laid-back, unassuming guy that it's hard not to automatically love him. However, the "Stay With Me" singer was still unfortunately subjected to cruel, unwarranted insults recently: Howard Stern made revolting remarks about Smith's physical appearance and sexual orientation, and they're deeply disturbing to see.

On Monday morning, the Sirius XM Radio host referred to the 22-year-old singer as "an ugly motherf---er," before adding the deeply homophobic, offense remark that "he's fat and he's gay and little girls worship him. That's when you know you have a good song and a good voice." Ugh, those comments are absolutely gross and obviously intended to quench Stern's thirst for attention of any kind.

Thankfully, though, it seems like Smith seems pretty set on not indulging the nonsense, which is the most fitting response he could possibly give. After all, Smith does such a beautiful job of expressing himself through his moving song lyrics, performances and in interviews — and the fact that he's totally accepting of himself is evident in the way that Smith doesn't want people to focus on his sexuality, as well as how he sort of pokes fun at himself on Instagram. Clearly, he's not the least bit concerned about anyone's opinion on his sexual orientation, his musical talent, or his weight, least of all offensive ones like Stern's.

So far, Smith's only indirect response to Stern's fat-shaming, homophobic comments has been to thank fans on Twitter for their support. On Saturday, the singer posted two vague tweets that read, "Can't believe what I've just read," followed by "Ignore," which could be considered a response to Stern's comments — but it's not exactly clear, because Stern's radio show aired on Monday morning.

While Smith's classy truth bombs are undeniably incomparable to none, I don't blame him one bit if he continues taking the silent route — it would only succeed in bringing more attention to Stern's comments, which doesn't need to happen. In this case, no response is the best response.

Read Smith's tweets below: