Ansel Elgort Wants to See Your Ugliest Selfie

I have never seen Ansel Elgort look bad. But, just a couple of days ago, The Fault in Our Stars star participated in an #uglyselfiechallenge by posting an "ugly selfie" on his Instagram. And I've still never seen Ansel Elgort look bad.

The challenge began when Elgort's frequent Vine co-star, Jarrome Jarre, posted a selfie with the comment, "UGLY SELFIE COZ WE ALL CARE WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT OUR LOOK WHILE THE ONLY THING THAT TRUELY MATTERS IS HOW WE LOOK INSIDE OUR HEARTS." And then proceeded to popularize the challenge on his Twitter and Vine.

A few hours later, Jarre darged Elgort to participate, and Elgort responded immediately. Along with his "ugly selfie," he shared the following message:

"@jeromejarre nominated me to take an #uglyselfie#UglySelfieChallenge I like the idea. Too many people worry about how they are perceived through an app. Looking like a cookie cuter pretty person. I understand why, because society is becoming this place where people judge each other on followers and likes. Stop worrying about being accepted,worry about being yourself :) I actually didn't just take this selfie. It was in my camera roll, hahaha maybe we should look in our camera roll for the most hilarious photo that we would never post and post it! I nominate @warrenelgort@piercefulton and @natandalex !"

A few of Elgort's challengees have not responded yet, but I'm holding out hope.

Jerome said he "broke the Internet" by getting more than 100K responses. It's really refreshing to see a male celebrity challenging notions of "perfection" by getting goofy on the Internet. The Web is constantly spawning new movements like this one, or #effyourbeautystandards, or even #selfiesaturday, and it's so refreshing to see. It's easy to get caught up with what the world tells people to look like. For a celebrity to stand up against beauty standards is especially nice to experience.

Also, I didn't forget Elgort's selfie!

Ugh, could he get any cooler?