New HBO Drama 'Virtuoso' Will Make Fans Of Elton John, 'Amadeus,' & Big White Wigs Super Happy

It's no surprise that HBO is returning to the world of music after the major success of Behind the Candelabra. However, this time around the premium cable juggernaut is going back way further than Vegas in the 1970s. For the upcoming one-hour series Virtuoso , HBO is turning to 18th century Vienna. If you're a fan of Milos Forman's 1984 film Amadeus, then this new musical period drama is right up your alley. The show, which is being produced by Elton John and Alan Ball (True Blood, Six Feet Under), will go inside the world of Europe's finest musical prodigies at the elite Academy of Musical Excellence. The series will star Peter Macdissi, Iva Babic, Francois Civil, Lindsay Farris, Nico Mirallegro, and Alex Lawther.

The virtuoso taking center stage in the series none other than composer Antonio Salieri (Macdissi). Along with the famous Italian conductor will be a cellist, classical guitarist, violinist, and singer. It's just like American Pie: Band Camp except with classical music, no Jason Biggs, and a lot of gold flaked marble. OK, it's actually nothing like American Pie: Band Camp... but still.

What we can expect is that the show will be filled with plenty of incredible music. In case you forgot, Elton John has given us some of the most memorable music of the past four decades and has written the soundtrack for pretty much every movie musical you've ever loved.

Along with the sweeping music, here's what we can expect from Virtuoso:

Big, Silly Wigs

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This is just for starters.

Even Bigger Skirts

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Child's play in comparison to 18th century ladies.

Sexy Intrigues!


With all of those people so tightly bound by corsets and high society rules... YOU KNOW IT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL WORLD VEGAS UP IN THERE.

Stunning Locations


Can't even.

Montages of Composing


So many quills writing fervently. So. Many.

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