7 Reasons Chris Pratt As Indiana Jones Would Be Perfect, Because Burt Macklin Really Prepared Him For This

Chris Pratt is taking over the world, one box office hit at a time. Deadline has reported that Disney is hoping to revive Indiana Jones , and Chris Pratt might take on the role originally made famous by Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones himself. Seriously.

This is, of course, HUGE for Pratt. With an upcoming role in Jurassic World and a part in the hugely successful summer hit Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems like Pratt is at the top of the Hollywood short list for just about every hot new film — and I can't really blame executives for it, especially when it's a film like Indiana Jones . Because, seriously, Chris Pratt would make an amazing Indiana Jones .

While Pratt has played badasses in films like Zero Dark Thirty and The Lego Movie (come on, Emmet is a hero in that film), there's one role in particular that has really allowed Pratt to prepare for taking on a part as huge and totally iconic as Indiana Jones.

Yes — I am talking about the notorious FBI agent, Burt Macklin, stationed in Pawnee, Indiana as an undercover parks department employee (at least that's how I'm taking his character on Parks and Recreation, and that's totally how you should too). It's because of Pratt's flawless portrayal of Macklin (and Andy Dwyer, of course) that I'm completely sold on him possibly playing Indiana Jones in an upcoming revival of the franchise, and exactly you should be, too.

Still not convinced, though? Here are seven reasons why Pratt would make an amazing Indiana Jones:

He's Authoritative

There is zero room for BS when it comes to Indiana Jones, and the same goes for Burt Macklin. He's not screwing around at all.

He Keeps You On Your Toes

Whether he is defending the Holy Grail or tricking the enemies of the President, Pratt will never make one feel too comfortable with his presence (or lack of... because he's always there, watching you).

He's Good at Code Names

Indiana Jones is no stranger to aliases or nicknames, and Pratt is just as comfortable with code names thanks to Burt Macklin.

There's No Cracking Him

Don't even think about lying because he's "amazing."

He'll Surprise Attack

There's no better time than the present, and if something calls for Indiana Jones' attention, Pratt knows he needs to get on it ASAP.

He'll Put Himself in Uncomfortable Situations

Whether it's being chased by a gigantic boulder, or just crossing the Pawnee/Eagleton border, Pratt will go there.

He's Wears His Title Well

Burt Macklin has taught Pratt to wear his title like a boss, so adding archeologist, professor, adventurer, and action hero is no problem. I think I've made my point.

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