'Suits' Season 4 Recap, Because The Second Half Premieres Soon & You’ll Want To Be Up To Date On Louis Litt

We should just start calling it the season of Louis, aka Rick Hoffman, because the first half of Suits Season 4 was all about Louis Litt. Not only did Hoffman deliver one of the best performances of the entire series, but the midseason finale, "This Is Rome," left fans gasping for air and wanting more, stat. Unfortunately, we've had to wait about five months to see how this group of lawyers is going to handle the fact that Louis now knows Mike Ross' secret — that he didn't go to Harvard and isn't a real lawyer.

Finally, the show returns to USA on Wednesday, which means more drama, lawyer talk, and blackmail. If the rest of Season 4 is anything like the first half, well, then fans are in for a real treat. Suits has yet to fail in its intensity, storytelling, and characters, and there are a fantastic group of actors, writers, directors, producers, etc., bringing this show to life every week.

Seeing as it's been a long time since we've seen Louis, Harvey, Mike, Jessica, Donna, and Rachel on the small screen, what do you say to a little recap? Here are some of the most important happenings of the first half of Suits Season 4 to refresh your memory and to hold you over until the brand new episode airs.

Louis Litt It Up

Now that Louis and Sheila are done for good, because she doesn't want kids, Louis only has work to fill the void (that is until he finds someone else). Between his breakup, resigning, and almost going away to jail for making an illegal deal with Forstman, Louis' defining moment was during the summer finale. As I mentioned above, after discovering that Mike never graduated from Harvard and that he isn't a real lawyer, Louis let both Donna and Jessica have it. He reached a new level of anger by telling Jessica that he will now become partner. And, in the words of Louis Litt, "Pearson. Specter. Litt."

The Troubles Of Love

Thanks to Rachel's former fling, Logan Sanders, popping up, she and Mike encountered many relationship woes, including that kiss Rachel shared with Logan. Eventually, they worked things out and are living happily ever after... well, for now that is, especially until they both learn that Louis knows Mike's big secret.

Mike, The Mess Maker

Remember how Season 4 began? Oh, you know, with Mike quitting the firm and accepting a job at Sidwell Investment Group? Yeah, well, it didn't really go as planned. Not only did Mike make a deal with Forstman behind his boss' back, but he got fired and got rehired at Pearson Specter, thanks to Louis.

The Can Opener...

In between Harvey and Mike working on opposite sides (thank goodness they reunited, because these are two BFFs I can't get enough of), we still have yet to find out exactly what Donna and Harvey's can opener ritual is!

Jessica's Newfound Love... For Jeff

During the first half of Season 4, Jessica took "morning meetings" to a whole new level. That's right, Jessica and Jeff are getting it on, which we will surely see more of and probably with some added stress thanks to Louis' demands.

Who else is ready to see this cast suit up for the rest of Season 4? Suits returns Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 10 p.m. ET.

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