Ever Wonder Why Harry Styles Always Eats Bananas?

Harry Styles is really the gift that keeps on giving. He can literally stand on stage and run his fingers through his long locks and have a stadium full of thousands of teenagers in complete pandemonium. He can ball dance with Niall Horan, flirt with him uncontrollably, and tease about their bromance, and the Internet goes wild. And apparently, he can eat bananas on during and it will immediately become a thing. Yep, you read that correctly, Harry Styles loves eating bananas on stage, and it's time we found out why.

I never thought that I'd be asking myself this question but the evidence of his fruit loving ways is very apparent. Remember that time Harry Styles was at the VMAs and was the luckiest man on Earth when he got to sit behind Rihanna? While sitting behind Rihanna might be the most sought after position to be in, Styles' attention was on something else throughout most of the telecast: an orange.

While there are no definitive answers as to why Styles always eats bananas on stage, I did some investigative journalism to get behind Styles' banana antics and found some reasons why he could possibly love the best fruit in the universe... besides it being the best fruit in the universe.

It's The Most Practical Fruit To Dress Up As

The freedom of the arms and legs allows Styles to continue his awkward thrusting dance moves for the ladies.

He Is Potassium Deficient & Likes Healthy Snacks

Being deficient in a vitamin is no joke, and perhaps Styles knows the benefits of eating so much fruit. He's got a pretty hectic and crazy lifestyle, so he's got to do something keep those luscious locks long and flowing!

He Is A Big Tease

You can't really deny the, ahem, innuendo that bananas can bring about and seems like Styles is quite aware of this fact.

He Really, Really Just Loves Bananas

When it comes down to it, Harry Styles just obviously really loves bananas so he eats A LOT of them. Last year he ordered an assortment of over 150 cupcakes (heavy on banana) for One Direction's tour crew. And to close this out, here is Harry Styles eating a lot of bananas...

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