Miley Cyrus' 'SNL' Promo Pokes Fun at Her VMA Stunt & Proves Nothing Will Be Off Limits

It's hard to imagine that Saturday Night Live will be able to top last week's season premiere — we're still talking about that hilarious Tina Fey Girls sketch — but from the look of things, they just might be able to do it. NBC has released Miley Cyrus' SNL promo videos and guys? They're pretty funny. The clips aren't so much funny ha-ha as they are funny oh-god-cringe, but either way, they got us chuckling. Filmed on a roof, the promotional bits feature Taran Killam alongside Cyrus, who will host and serve as the musical guest on Oct. 5.

Naturally, Killam pokes fun at Cyrus's recent past. They joke about how her VMA performance ruined the lives of America's youth, how a quick Google search of Cyrus will yield some unsavory content, and Killam gets Cyrus to explain why she has her tongue out all the time: It's because that's how she smells. Like a snake. Oh, and she also lives outside and pees everywhere.

Judging from how comfortable Cyrus seems in these clips, Saturday's show might be a lot of fun. She seems more than willing to be the butt of the joke, and with Vanessa Bayer still in the cast, there's sure to be an amazing Miley on Miley show down, y'all.

All we ask is that if they're going to make fun of "Wrecking Ball" or twerking, they do it in a way that hasn't been done before. And at this point, that's a task way easier said than done. Think Nic Cage will make a surprise appearance?

Watch the Miley Cyrus SNL promo clips: