Givenchy Menswear Gives Its Male Models Some Very Bold Hair and Makeup

You may have seen some weird things go down the runway in your day if you're even remotely interested in fashion. Even if you don't care about fashion at all, the most shocking runway antics usually make headlines because, well, they're shocking. And if you haven't already noticed from your Facebook feeds, people tend to have something to say about that kind of stuff. But even if you think you've seen it all (and that includes the now-infamous Rick Owens full-frontal nudity show), I can guarantee you haven't seen anything as bizarre as Givenchy's menswear show. I'm talking the hair and makeup, specifically.

OK, so maybe it isn't quite as weird as the Rick Owens show was, but honestly, what can compete with that? Nothing. Not even fully nude models strutting down the runway would be as weird as what went down at Rick Owens, somehow. But back to the topic: Givenchy menswear. To start with, the hair was a little surprising. Think... slicked down baby hair, on men.

And I can't be the only one who is only thinking about this now:

Terrifying. Just saying. Not to mention the culturally problematic nature of this 'do (read this excellent article by Kara Brown at Jezebel if you're confused), which is very real.

And then there was the makeup/facepaint/glitter — all of which, by the way, was simply fabulous. See for yourself.

It's pretty cool, you have to admit. OK, yes, a little terrifying, but still—very, very cool.