What Does 'Little Women: LA's Briana Do? She's No Stranger To The Spotlight

The stars of Little Women: LA seem to have such busy lives. Briana Manson, for example, throws a lot of professional titles out there in her Instagram profile, calling herself a "singer, dancer, designer, and business entrepreneur." Phew! That's a mouthful! And if you were to check her bio on the Little Women: LA website, Briana describes herself as a "full-time, stay-at-home mom." So what exactly does Briana from Little Women: LA do?The answer is all of the above, and more. You can also add co-president for the local chapter of Little People of America, Inc., Junior Dragster race car driver, and all-around badass to Briana's resume. Post-divorce, and with a little one running around at home, a lot of things about Manson's life are in flux right now — including her career. But, like a lot of the cast members on Little Women: LA, Manson always seems to have something cooking, and it's usually something creative. (And it looks exhausting. Just one of her titles, be it stay-at-home mom or professional car racer slash impressionist, would tire me out in a second; the Little Women: LA cast must have a direct hook-up to some caffeine source I have not yet been given access to.)Let's take a look at some of Briana's (many) jobs.

Single Mom

If anyone tells you that's not a full-time job, they are lying liars. Right now, Briana's primary occupation is raising her daughter, Leiana. It's not an easy job, either. After Leiana came home from school and said she'd been picked on for being a little person, Briana had to have a heart-to-heart talk with her about dwarfism. Thankfully, it all went well. "The talk I had with her is what every little person needs to, and hopefully will, hear in their childhood," Manson said in a heartfelt Facebook post, adding "this was a one time thing, and her schoolmates adore her!" That's great to hear.


Like most of the cast members of Little Women: LA, the TV show isn't Briana's first time in the spotlight. She's really a singer, dancer, and all-around showman. She's given performances as herself, and also impersonated celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. According to the press materials available for the show, though, Manson is "at a crossroads" when it comes to her career, and isn't sure what the next step will be. But with health issues, re-entering the dating scene, and raising a daughter, this might not be top priority for Briana right now.

And Of Course, A Reality Star

Briana gets to do all the fun things that go with reality stardom...like have photo shoots with a Burmese python? Not exactly the first thing I'd do if I made a splash on primetime airwaves, but to each her own, right? Actually, this photo might be a little better for those who are squeamish around snakes. (Why does it always have to be snakes?)

Photo shoots, radio interviews, publicity appearances, parties, and meet-and-greets are all the fun things you can see on Briana's Twitter, and all the fun things that go into being a reality star. And if that's not (yet another) full-time, 24/7 job, I don't know what is.

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime