Taylor Won't Even Take Off Her Lipstick to Swim

While some of us are freezing in the fake blizzard, New York City's most famous transplant is enjoying a slightly warmer climate. Taylor Swift is on vacation in Hawaii, and even though all the buzz is on the fact that she's finally (gasp) revealed her belly button, can we please talk about her lipstick?

Taylor Swift's red lips may in and of themselves be an icon of this generation, and she's famous for rocking her painted pout everywhere from award shows, to the grocery store, to the gym, but her latest lipstick application might be taking her signature beauty look a tad too far. Swift and the Haim girls have been vacationing in Maui, and the 25-year-old singer was photographed at the beach wearing a retro, polkadot one piece swimsuit — and red lipstick. Now, we're not talking laying on the beach, reading a book and sunbathing. Taylor is legit in the ocean, swimming in the waves, hair wet and all. And her lips are still perfectly red. As much as I want to be irritated that she can't even go lipstick free to play in the surf, I'm pretty impressed at her ability to keep her lipstick from fading. I mean, when I wear lipstick, I can barely speak without smudging it, so this is a true talent. And besides, it's her signature look — I'll give her props for staying true to herself, no matter how bizarre it might look at times.

Images: Getty Images; TT4Taylor/Twitter; InStyle/Twitter