Get Ready For 'Beetlejuice 2,' Guys

If this is a joke, then it's just plain cruel: Apparently a sequel we've all been waiting years for could finally be happening — and by waiting years, I mean literally, like, 17 years. That's a long time! So, you can imagine how overjoyed I am to hear this: During an interview with the Huffington Post, Winona Ryder confirmed a Beetlejuice 2 movie is happening, after many years of "it could be in the works," and "closer than ever." Seriously: A Beetlejuice sequel, for real! Considering the original film, Beetlejuice, came out in 1988, this has been a really, really long time coming.

For years, those involved with the original — which includes Ryder herself, as well as Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, and director Tim Burton — have fielded questions regarding a sequel with no firm update. In 2014, however, Burton did say of the project: "There is a script, and I would love to work with [Keaton] again. I think there is now a better chance than ever."

What is interesting about the Beetlejuice 2 film, though — more so than the fact that we've been waiting ages for it — is that it's a sequel to a movie from almost 20 years ago, versus a remake. Considering remakes seem to be Hollywood's choice of film these days, it's definitely different, not to mention a treat for those who see Keaton as the only possible person to play the film's titular character. Additionally, for those who may have never seen the original, now is the perfect time to see the original 1988 film to prep yourself for a sequel. (I mean, seriously, right this second. Go watch it now.)

Watch Ryder (very conservatively) reveal that the Beetlejuice sequel is happening below.