'Crazy Jewish Mom' Instagram Account Is Something We Can All Relate To

Technology can be a wonderful thing... until it gets into the hands of parents. Or perhaps more specifically, until it gets into the hands of a particular type of parent, as evinced by what's about to become your new favorite Instagram account: Crazy Jewish Mom. Given that all parents occasionally turn into Crazy Jewish Mom, it's definitely something to which we can all relate — regardless as to whether you're Jewish, or even if it's your mom using and abusing today's technological marvels.

The creation of 26-year-old Kate Seigel, Crazy Jewish Mom got its start three months ago. Seigel told Yahoo! Parenting that her friends got such a kick out of her mother's frequent and filter-less texts, turning them into an Instagram account over which everyone else out there with overbearing yet loveable parents could bond seemed like the thing to do. Does Mama Seigel mind that she's now splashed all over the Internet? Nope. Said Seigel, "She doesn't mind me posting about her, mostly because she doesn't understand the Internet. For example, she confuses the search bar with the status update field on Facebook."

On a slightly serious note, I'll be honest in that I'm tiny bit appalled that anyone would think it's OK to say the kinds of things featured on Crazy Jewish Mom to anyone else, even if they happen to be related to them; the bottom line is that whether or not someone gets engaged (or goes to the gym, or lives in Brooklyn, or whatever) isn't anyone's business except the person or people it directly involves. That said, though, the way Seigel deals with it all is an inspiration; it's a master class in how to handle difficult people, especially ones to whom you're particularly close. Noted Seigel to the Huffington Post, "My mother, as pushy as she can be, wants nothing but the best for me. I wouldn't be where I am today without her support and guidance, and I love her very much. I just hope I'm not turning into her." And hey, at least she's not any of these fictional parents, right?

Below, check out a selection of wit and wisdom from Crazy Jewish Mom; for more, head on over to the Crazy Jewish Mom Instagram page.

1. On Alcohol and Other Substances:

Repeat after me: Correlation is not causation.

2. On Cleanliness:

Um... call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

3. On Personal Safety (and/or Fitness):

I'm actually with Mom on this one. I don't know where in Brooklyn Seigel lives, but I'm willing to bet that it's perfectly safe.

4. On Politeness:

Fair enough.

5. On Dressing to Impress:

Why? Why would you throw out something that doesn't belong to you?

6. On Biological Clocks:

Uh oh, you guys. I'm about to turn 30. That must mean that I'm a lost cause. Whatever shall I do?!?!?!

7. On Passive Aggression:

Or not-so-passive aggression, rather.

8. On Interior Design:

I'm sorry. All I can think of is that scene in The Phantom of the Opera.


9. On Nursing Sick People:

This playbook is too detailed for me.

10. On Political Awareness and Activism:

This? Love it.

11. On Inappropriate Mail:

This, however? Not so much.

12. On Keeping Your Options Open:

Uh... sure, Mom. Whatever you say.

13. On Disaster Preparedness:

Good thing Juno turned out to be the wimpiest snowmageddon ever in the Tristate area, right?

14. But Also:

Who cares about personal safety when your butt needs toning?

15. On Defending Your Child No Matter What:

Let this be a lesson to peeping Toms everywhere: Do NOT mess with this gal. Mama Bear will make you wish you'd never spied into your very first window all those years ago. You have been warned.

Images: Crazy Jewish Mom/Instagram (15)