This Gruesome Footage Shows What The Lungs Of A Smoker Really Look Like — VIDEO

If you're eating right now, I'm going to go ahead and suggest you stop doing that. And if you happen to be smoking, you'll definitely be wanting to stop that too after you see this video. Chinese CCTV has released footage showing adult lungs which have been ravaged by smoking. The lungs are blackened and look moldy, and very clearly show exactly how damaging smoking tobacco is on delicate lung tissue, both for long-term and passive smokers. I can't imagine how this wouldn't be enough to turn you off ever having a cigarette again, even if you are just a "social" smoker.

The caption in the video reads: "Over 80 percent of lung cancer cases are believed to be caused by long-term smoking or "second hand smoke". In the images, the lung of someone who has smoked for 15 years is covered with large black spots, while the lung of a 30-year smoker is even more of a ghastly sight, where even the inside is covered with cancer causing substances." It's no wonder China is resorting to confronting smokers with images like the ones below to stop the nasty habit: China is home to the world's highest number of cigarette producers and consumers, with an estimated 300 million smokers in China, and supposedly one-in-three cigarettes smoked in the world being smoked in China. And the damage isn't just reserved for people who choose to light up: Around 700 million people in China are exposed to second-hand smoke.