Kim Kardashian's Cleavage Makes a Comeback & All Is Once Again Right With the World

It's back. Or, rather, they're back. After many months in hiding, Kim Kardashian's cleavage has returned to the spotlight. While in Paris, Kardashian and Kanye West visited with designers (scoring some pretty sweet baby swag in the process), and it seems that the reality star and new mom to North West is using her time in the City of Lights to highlight her head beams. If you can't believe I just wrote that sentence, that makes two of us.

When Kardashian became pregnant then gave birth (see how that works? I'm really on a roll today), it was clear from her Instagram feed that she wanted to remind everyone that under that amnio sac was a sexy body ready to bounce back and reclaim its top spot. While eight months pregnant, Kardashian posted photos of a sultry bathing suit shoot that took place before she got knocked up. It was her way of screaming, "Don't forget I'm hot!"... and now that she feels hot again, she's sharing sexy photos, again.

Here's the thing with Kim Kardashian's boobs (these sentences just keep getting better and better, don't they?): They represent her sex appeal, and it's her sex appeal that's managed to single-handedly propel her entire, extended family into rich and famous land, so of course they're back on display. Kardashian's a beautiful woman, no doubt about it, and her looks, combined with her family's relentless desire and drive to be on TV, have made them household names in the States, if not worldwide.

It was only matter of time before Kardashian once again showed some skin on social media — sharing herself with the world is what's made her a wealthy woman. React to her breasts however you want, but don't pretend you're surprised to see them.

Image: KimKardashian/Instagram