Lime Crime Cosmetics Has Released New Velvetine Lipstick Colors — And They Are Simply Amazing

As one who obsesses over beauty products and makeup alike, I am always thrilled when I find a company that I not only love, but celebrate. It's not every day that you find a brand that allows you to express your colorful, bold personality, whilst embodying everything you stand for — morally and physically. That's why when I stumbled upon Lime Crime Cosmetics years and years ago, I was quick to become the most loyal customer the brand has probably ever had. No joke.

One of the things that first attracted to Lime Crime was that all of their products are cruelty free and vegan. When a product claims that it is "cruelty free," that means that it hasn't been tested on animals by the manufacturer, and when a product is listed as "vegan," it means that the product doesn't contain any animal ingredients. Rad: I can totally get behind that. Looking beautiful sans the guilt is a major plus, in my book. And supporting a company that has their moral compass in line has always been important to me, personally. You have to get behind the good guys. You know?

Over the years, I have collected a vast array of products from Lime Crime from eyeshadows to lipsticks — but my favorite product of theirs by far has to be the "Velventines." These lipsticks are liquid based (rather than solids) and glide-on wet — but only take a few seconds to dry. And once the lipstick has settled, it's not going anywhere for a while. These lipsticks last hours and hours, dry with a matte finish, and are extremely bright, bold, and true-to-color. So they're basically like paint for your lips, with an incredible velvet-like-finish to boot. I have greedily bought up all of the different shades of Velvetines, and so you can imagine my absolute delight when Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, announced that they were launching new Velvetine colors: Cashmere, Pansy and Riot. And let me tell you, they are amazing.

"Cashmere" is a lovely combination of grey and beige (or "greige") and adapts to your skin tone, while "Pansy" is a bright, in-your-face purple with a cooler, bluish tone to it. Perfect for any color-warrior-princess.

We are still awaiting the release of "Riot" that is said to be coming soon, but this earthy, medium reddish-brown shade is also said to adapt naturally to different skin tones. I think it's safe to say that customers are in love, love, love!

Images: Author; Instagram/limecrimemakeup