"Facts That Will Give You The Creeps" BuzzFeed Video Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Pro tip as you’re nearing your lunch hour: do not click a video link about disturbing facts while or directly following consuming food. With that out of the way, allow us to share with you BuzzFeed’s “Facts That Will Give You The Creeps,” a video about a bunch of stuff that will make you deeply uncomfortable but will nevertheless up your trivia game. For instance: Name that president who reported a UFO sighting before taking office. (Hint: You have no idea, which is why it’s in the video.*)

Not troublesome enough to make your skin crawl? Try this on for size: people once consumed living spiders by the spoonful in butter or syrup in order combat Malaria. By the spoonful. Or how about your fear of being buried alive? The video covers that, too. (Don’t worry though, some hero cat proved that being buried while still breathing ain’t always the end for some of us.) Because who says October should have all the fun, right? February is just as good a time as any for grotesque and unpleasant factoids. Anyway, take a look at the video below and then pass it along to all your friends so you can bond in your shared misery.

BuzzFeedBlue on YouTube

*More on the alien report, by the way, can be read here.