Who Is Ione Rucker? 'Love Thy Sister's Youngest Star Has Made Some Big Life Changes

WeTV seems to be making a play for a tiny piece of that Kardashian pie with its new show Love Thy Sister. But so far, what I enjoy about the Sister cast is that they're older than the Kardashians were when their show started, so they have full-grown adult problems and conflicts. I mean, on the E! show, the youngest cast members are Kendall and Kylie, who started the show as actual kids, while Love Thy Sister star Ione Rucker may be considered the "baby" of her family, but she's actually 35 years old and a mother of three.

Of course, Ione's older sisters are still protective of her and might be coddling her because just a few years ago, Ione went through a monumental change. Her marriage to NBA star Antawn Jamison recently came to an amiable end. She's now a single mom back on the dating scene while working overtime and attempting to keep things civil between her and her ex — and maybe realizing that their relationship isn't totally finished yet. Here's what else you should know about the youngest Love Thy Sister star.

She's Passionate About Education

Ione attended Spelman College, a historically black university in Georgia, then followed it up with graduate school at Coverse College, also down south. Both of her degrees are in education — Ione was planning on working with grade school kids, but chose to become a stay-at-home mom after having her own children.

She's A Recently Divorced Basketball Wife

When Ione was married to Jamison, because of his complicated schedule as a traveling basketball player, she elected to put her many years of education on hold in order to be a stay at home with their children. Taking care of three kids while your husband plays hundreds of basketball games, travels around the country, and trains nonstop doesn't sound easy, but Ione certainly isn't one to back down from a challenge.

She's Running A Nonprofit That Helps Kids Go To School

Ione's first career move was to go right back to education. She now manages her own scholarship, in the name of her family, The Rucker Education Scholarship Fund.

She's Helping Her Sisters With A New Product

All three Rucker sisters are collaborating on a new line of hair products. Like Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, these reality TV sisters must be hoping that working together on this hair line, Rucker Roots, will make it irresistible. Their hair is on point every week on Love Thy Sister, which is the best advertising you can ask for.

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