Taryn Manning's Stalker Has Been Sentenced After A Lengthy Legal Battle & Reports Of Scary Details

It's an unfortunate thing that celebrities often face the threat of stalkers, but now one Orange Is the New Black actress seems to be free of hers. Per E! News, after a long court battle, Taryn Manning's stalker is going to jail for 45 days, after pleading guilty to harassment in court on Wednesday. The stalker, Jeanine Heller, used to be friends with Manning, but things escalated once she began harassing the actress.

Reportedly, once Heller is released, she must complete a seven to ten day inpatient stay at a psychiatric center. Following that, she will also enter an outpatient treatment program for a total of three weeks. Furthermore, Heller must follow a "full and final order of protection," meaning she can't contact Manning at any time. Lastly, she will not be able to use a computer until her next court date, which is said to be March 30.

In addition to Heller's guilty plead on Wednesday, she also pled guilty to criminal contempt (for the same case) a few months ago. Also, some might recall, Heller was previously arrested in January 2015 for violating a restraining order.

Details of Heller's relationship with Manning are terrifying and include constant texts Heller sent Manning as well as repeated calls. Heller was accused of sending the following text to Manning: "I miss you. Don't ruin your pretty smile with cigarettes. This is your fairy godmother" and "I was in the hospital last month. I tried to kill myself. I don't know why you teamed up to hurt me." It was even reported that Heller tried to turn the tables and send Manning to jail.

For now, it seems that the scary situation and court battle is over. Let's hope things go smoothly from here on out.