Taryn Manning’s Stalker Case Gets Some Scary Updates, Including Creepy Phone Messages

Oh, the dizzyingly horrifying case of Pennsatucky's stalker is just getting more dizzyingly horrifying. At her arraignment on Tuesday, some new accusations against Taryn Manning's accused stalker/former friend Jeannie Heller were leveled. Anyone who's working on a Lifetime movie screenplay had better whip out their quick quotes quill and start taking notes.

According to Page Six, during her arraignment on Tuesday, prosecutors accused Heller of trying to get Manning arrested which revisited stalking charges brought against her by the Orange Is the New Black actress in 2014. Oh, wait — it gets worse. As TMZ reports, the New York District Attorney's office is alleging that Heller has been violating Manning's protection order against her (which she has pled guilty to in the past) by texting Manning from unknown numbers and pretending to be other people. Among the messages obtained by TMZ, there's one where Heller supposedly claims to be Manning's "fairy godmother" counseling her not to "ruin her smile with cigarettes," and another where she supposedly threatens to commit suicide. In addition, Heller allegedly uploaded a 13-page manifesto to Reddit chronicling her and Manning's long friendship.

Just in case you haven't been keeping up with this hullabaloo (or are keeping up, but are still confused by the whole thing anyway), let's backtrack. Back in July, Heller, a former friend of the OITNB actress, was convicted of stalking in the fourth degree after allegedly harassing Manning with numerous emails and unwanted phone calls. According to TMZ, a mutual domestic restraining order was issued to both parties. Just two months later in September, Heller was arrested for allegedly violating the order. Then, in October, the stalking charges were dismissed when Heller pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of violating the protection order.

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In the judge's ruling, Heller was directed to undergo six months of treatment, including mental health counseling, and a follow-up hearing that was set for this month and I'm guessing that's the trial that just happened. But between then and now, there was an upsetting story that made its way to TMZ, which turned the story around on Manning and alleged that she was arrested for violating the restraining order by supposedly sending threatening texts to Heller. Manning's lawyer declared that the allegations were false, and the DA reportedly declined to prosecute her. Manning herself was decidedly unenthused by the reports, took to Twitter to call out the fallacies in their reporting, and then went to Disneyland.

While we can't say for sure what really went down, I do know one thing: This whole rigamarole sounds like an episode of Frenemies waiting to happen.

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