11 Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples Who Have Been Dating Forever, Because Who Really Wants Another Teddy Bear?

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My boyfriend and I are about to celebrate our fifth Valentine's Day together, and if I see another Russell Stover's box of chocolate I'm going to hang myself with the adorably commercial red fake-satin sash that comes with it. For some crazy reason, we decided early on that Valentine's Day gifts just weren't going to be our thing. After a hectic holiday season and a trove of January birthdays, the last thing I want to do is spend money celebrating a made-up holiday. If I wanted a day to shower him with gifts and affection, I'd pick a random Tuesday.

So instead of dreading buying more gifts for one another (which we just did, mind you, less than two months ago), and before I see another Build-A-Bear commercial encouraging less-than-inspired partners to record their voices as an adorable way to say "I love you" again and again and again on repeat (so help me God you do not want to know what will happen if I do), we decided to do things differently.

We skipped the chocolates, the red hearts, the sugar-coated candies, the goodies, and the expensive dinners (that come with one dessert to share), and we traded in traditional for a holiday filled with gifts that felt much more fun.

If you're into the classics, good for you — own it! But if you're anything like me, here are a bunch of "gifts" to give this Valentine's Day you'll both actually enjoy (and it won't be because you're shoveling it into your mouth as the waiter tries to clear your table for the 10:30 seating).

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