25 Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25 That Your Significant Other (And Your Wallet) Will Love

When you're in a relationship, the pressure to pick out a good Valentine's Day gift can be pretty high. Never mind the fact that it feels like the holidays literally just ended, and you just had to go through that whole gift-giving process — now you have to do it all over again.

This time around, not only do you have to pick out something you know your significant other will like, but it also has to show how much you love (or like) them, without being too cheesy of course. But who says Valentine's Day gifts have to be extravagant and super expensive? These 25 options under $25 are really budget-friendly, and also really adorable. These are great options for someone you just started dating and don't want to go all out for, or if you're just trying to save money this year. Try not to buy them for yourself.

Cute Pillow Cases

Your Side My Side Pillow Cases, $15.99, ShelbysBoutique

Every couple has this issue. You might as well embrace it and make it legit with the pillow cases. Plus, think of the Instagram possibilities.

A Funny Mug

You're Stuck With Me Mug, $13, Nordstrom

A coffee mug is always a cute and easy gift idea, and this one is especially perfect if you’re trying to have a low-key Valentine’s Day with your significant other. It’s funny, it’s sweet, and it will make them smile every time they use it.

Festive Home Decor

One Of A Kind Letter Hand Carved Recycled Book Shelf Art, $10, Nordstrom

Dating a bookworm? This cute hand-carved shelf art in the shape of a heart is the ideal gift. It’s inexpensive, which means you can buy a matching set and STILL be under $25, but it’s still meaningful.

A Cute Stuffed Animal

Lovable Fox Stuffed Animal, $9.95, Hallmark

Sometimes it’s fun to be different on Valentine’s Day, and sometimes it’s fun to just stick with the old cliches and get a typical V-day gift. This little fox stuffed animal is so adorable, literally anyone would love to receive it.

A Key Chain

Heart Key Chain Legos, $7, Etsy

Looking for something super small? These Lego keychains in the shape of hearts are whimsical and sweet

A Mandle

The MANdle Mountain Man Candle, $19, Eco Candle Co

If you’re picking out a gift for a dude, this MANdle makes an awesome gift. The packaging is really cool, but the scent is also amazing.

Love Notes

Instant Love Notes, $8.99, Francesca's Collections

If you want your relationship to start getting more romantic, buy this — it could really be a gift for both of you. You two can rip out these sweet love notes and hide them in unexpected places.

Cheesy Boxers

XO Boxers, $18.50, J.Crew

If your significant other is a guy, these cheesy Valentine’s Day boxers from J.Crew are a must. They’re fun, cute, and are appropriate for any stage of your relationship.

A Picture Frame

Hugs & Kisses Personalized Picture Frame, $24.95, Personaliation Mall

An easy go-to V-Day gift is a nice picture frame with your favorite photo inside. Go one step further and personalize that frame to make it even more special. This one is a great option and doesn’t look too over-the-top.

Monogrammed Beer Mug

Monogrammed Beer Mug $21.95, Home Wet Bar

If you’re dating a big beer-drinker, a monogrammed mug will make a really special gift. It’s inexpensive, but looks like you spent a lot more than you did. And you could always buy some of their favorite beer to make the gift bigger!

Fun Cutting Board

Cerveza Lime Cutting Board, $11.95, Home Wet Bar

Another gift any beer lover would enjoy is this Corona and lime cutting board. Look at that little knife!

Mad Libs

Mad Libs In Love, $2.72, Amazon

In case you forgot, playing Mad Libs is so much fun! Get this romantic version that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and make your casual hangout sessions even more entertaining.

A Big Basket Of Chocolate

Your Love Gift Basket, $19.99, Russell Stover

You can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day. Russell Stover has options that are inexpensive but offer a lot of different kinds of chocolate.

A Literal Heart

Humongous Heart Plush, $20, I Heart Guts

Be quirky and cool this Valentine’s Day with a stuffed animal in the shape of a literal heart. It’s the most adorable organ you’ve ever seen.

A Throw Pillow Cover

In High Tide Pillow Cover, $24, Etsy

If your significant other lives on their own, help them decorate their place with this loving pillow. It’s especially perfect for a partner who loves anything nautical.

Beard Products

Wild Man Beard Conditioner, $20, Urban Outfitters

If you’re buying for a guy with a beard, this Wild Man Beard Conditioner is the perfect choice — and really, it’s kind of a gift for you too.

A Sexy Game

Let's Play Doctor for Adults $16, Uncommon Goods

Make this date, and all the ones after it, even sexier with a game like this one. It will quickly spice things up, in the best way.

Sticky Notes

Hey Baby Sticky Notes, $5, Francesca's Collections

These sweet sticky notes are the perfect way to leave each other little notes when you’re out. This makes a great small gift, or just something to throw into a bigger gift.

Designer Deodorant

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Deodorant Stick, $23, Nordstrom

Want to get something designer that doesn’t have a designer price tag? Check out this Givenchy deodorant. The packaging is so nice, your boyfriend won’t even want to throw it out.

Chocolate Cigars

Milk Chocolate Cigars, $15, Godiva

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the classy, mature way, without all of the gross smoke. These chocolate cigars are fun to eat AND seriously delicious.

A Cute Mug

Good Morning Handsome Mug, $9.95, Etsy

Make your boyfriend smile every morning with this simple yet sweet mug.

A Relationship Book

What I Love About You Q&A Book, $9.95, Hallmark

Take advantage of this lovey-dovey holiday to really bond and make your relationship stronger. This book will help you do just that.

Funny Wine Glasses

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Wine Glasses, $14.99, Etsy

I mean… it’s kind of the truth, right?

Delicious BBQ Sauce Set

Budweiser BBQ Sauce Gift Set, $24.95, Home Wet Bar

Who wouldn’t want to try this delicious take on BBQ sauce? Make yourselves dinner on Valentine’s Day and use these.

A Nice Candle

Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle, $24, Nordstrom

If you have no clue what to buy this person, go for a nice candle like this one. The packaging is simple but really nice, and there are so many different scents to choose from.