Katherine Skinner's Psychic Cat Made Her Audition For 'American Idol' & He Didn't Steer Her Wrong

"My cat made me do it." While this excuse may not work for normal things, like calling out of work or slashing your ex-boyfriend's tires, it does work for auditioning for American Idol. Fifteen-year-old Katherine Skinner was told to audition for Idol by her 19-year-old psychic cat, Moustafa. No, you didn't read that wrong. Skinner has a psychic cat that tells her when she's going to fail a test or make it to the Hollywood round of Idol. And Moustafa wasn't wrong this time. Skinner impressed the judges with her "interesting in a weird crazy way" rendition of Florence and the Machine's "Shake It Off," securing herself a spot in Hollywood.

Skinner's cat isn't the only quirky thing about her. She arrived in a knee-length fur "pimp coat" that she claimed was given to her by David Bowie in the 70's — which is impossible if she is, in fact, 15. If her voice is any indication, though, she may have actually partied with Bowie. The mature, gritty tone to her voice is that of a 40-year-old former rockstar, not a teenager balancing her singing career with school career. It's totally awesome, and was unlike anything I've ever heard before, but was unexpected from such a young singer.

With such an outlandish personality and unique voice, this girl is destined for the stage. She's like Lady Gaga meets Miley Cyrus — with a lot more innocence. Her concerts would be crazy, cat-filled, and absolutely perfect. Not only did Skinner prove in her audition that she can deliver a rockstar-caliber performance, she showed that she can entertain the audience while she's at it. So many of the performer's who get a ticket to Hollywood are boring and stale — and that kind of performance doesn't sell concert tickets. Skinner is the whole package, plus she's super weird. If she can make it past the Hollywood rounds, she's sure to win over America with her antics. It most likely won't win her the competition, but it will get her far in her career. But her cat already knows that.

Image: YouTube - IdolxVoice