5 Reasons Rowan Is Olivia Pope’s Kidnapper on 'Scandal' — Even If That Is The Obvious Answer

There is actually nothing better than TGIT and ABC is pretty damn lucky that they’ve employed Shonda Rhimes before any other channel scooped that magical goddess up. TGIT is back, which means Scandal and Olivia Pope are back in our lives (making everything feel right again). Oh, except one small problem, Olivia Pope is missing and I am pretty sure Rowan Pope is Liv's kidnapper. It may seem like the vice president is behind Olivia’s disappearance, but let’s be honest, what scandalous event hasn’t Rowan been the mastermind behind?

The mid-season finale of Scandal was probably the most dramatic yet, as if it couldn’t get any more dramatic. Their lives make my life look like a boring mess, but still the constant fear of death is a little much IRL. No thanks.

We left off in a very interesting spot: Rowan confronted Olivia with a gun and she went to pull the trigger (spoiler alert, the chamber was empty), but Rowan wasn’t too thrilled. Mama Pope was pulled out of the hole and stuck in real people prison, and the vice president is planning to blackmail Fitz to get him to go to war with West Angola. Jake and Olivia are dancing and hooking up on pianos, because that’s what happens after you try to shoot your dad, obviously. Then Jake leaves the room and when he gets back, Liv's gone and there’s spilt wine on the couch (which you know she didn’t do since she is the queen of unspilt wine).

There are other storylines with the rest of the gladiators, but that’s all you really need to know. Here are five reasons I am convinced Rowan is behind Olivia’s disappearance:

She Tried To Kill Him

I mean, she tried to shoot him. Yes, the gun was empty because Rowan isn’t an idiot. I think it’s safe to say that after Olivia tried to pull the trigger on pops, he’s done playing nice with her. In his weird ways of protecting her, that’s pretty much over.

He's Not Afraid To Lose What He Loves

He locked up his wife in a pit. Come on, Olivia; he obviously doesn’t care that you’re his daughter. He will have no problem hurting you because the head of B613 and also if it came down to Rowan’s life or Olivia’s, he would probably choose his own.

He’s Evil

Seriously, have we not learned by now what Rowan is capable of? He is behind every single terrible thing that has happened on the show, which is why it’s so easy to believe that he took his daughter.

It Could Be a Lesson

He’s always been a person who likes to teach lessons, right? Maybe this lesson is something like, “Don’t mess with me because look what I can do.” Where’s Liam Neeson when you need him?

Don't Forget When He Said "Against me, you will lose"

Umm, hi. Rowan said that to Olivia. His. own. daughter. Point proven, yeah?

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