Puppy Bowl Star Katty Furry Leads The Halftime Show & We Need To Know More About This Cat On The Rise

The Super Bowl is so much more than a football game — it's evolved into a huge pop culture event. Besides the game, you have the national anthem (sung by Idina Menzel this year), the star-studded halftime show (headlined by Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz this time around), the big deal commercials (so very expensive), and the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, airing Sunday afternoon, if football just isn't your thing. Combine two of the aforementioned and you'll get the Puppy Bowl's BISSELL Kitty Halftime Show starring Katty Furry, who has no relation to Perry's cat Kitty Purry. Because Katty Furry is her own star in the feline world.

Last year, the BISSELL Kitty Halftime Show featured Internet meme Keyboard Cat as the headliner, who covered some of Super Bowl Halftime Show performer Bruno Mars' hit songs. But will Katty Furry do the same and belt out some of Perry's hits? According to an exclusive clip of the performance on Entertainment Weekly's website, the blue-haired vixen will roar along to Perry's "Roar" in a cute little dress. Furry may not seem to be as energetic of a performer as Perry, but that's because she focuses on the music. And this cat's got talent.

However this is really Furry's breakout moment, so she's somewhat of a mystery. To get ready for Sunday's performance, here's what I imagine the legendary feline pop singer Katty Furry's fluffy bio would entail.

From a Humble Litter

Furry was born as cute little BamBam at SNAPS Cat Rescue in New Jersey to a large litter of kittens. The entire litter was absolutely adorable, but there was something about BamBam that set her apart from the rest. She was an energetic, playful, string-loving kitty. And then one day, she was plucked from obscurity and adopted into the loving Murphy family, headed by TomCat Records exec Fred Murphy.

Rise To Feline Fame

As the Murphy children played with little BamBam, they began to realize her talents. This cat would not only chase a dangling string, but dance along with it. One day, the kids heard the kitty's melodic meows singing along to Dora the Explorer. The kids loved it when BamBam sang and boy did she love to do it, serenading them with tunes like "Cat's Cradle," "What's New, Pussycat?" and "Eye of the Tiger."

Before long, Fred had BamBam sing along to some original music — "I Hissed at a Girl (And I Liked It)," "Dark Cats," "The One that Meowed Away," and "Waking Up With Catnip." He knew this cat was made to be a star, so he picked a stage name for the feline (because there's another famous BamBam) and pitched the kitty to his bosses at TomCat. They offered the newly minted Katty Furry a record deal on the spot, because they loved her — and they needed another feline to compete with the Internet sensations Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat, and Grumpy Cat.

Internet Sensation

Because the Internet loves cute cats, Katty Furry's acrobatic dance moves and melodic meowing has translated into huge meme successes for herself and the Murphy family. Her albums "One of the Cats" and "Teenage Kitty" topped the CatTunes charts and she's been touring all over the world.

Now you'll get a rare chance to check out her moves and meows during the Puppy Bowl on Sunday.

Images: PuppyBowl/Facebook, Giphy (3)