This Football Player Asking A Classmate To Prom Will Melt Your Cold, Withered Heart Even If You Hate Prom-Posals (Don't We All?) — VIDEO

High schoolers are often given a bad rap, but Arkansas teenagers Autumn Pollard and Cope Robinson are evidence that not every teen is a mean girl or a bully. In fact, these teens are downright awesome. Pollard, a junior at Corning High School in Corning, Arkansas, lives with Noonan Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects her heart and the growth of various parts of her body. But although Pollard may clock in at only 4-feet tall and 57 pounds, she is no shrinking violet. Every year, she helps to cheer on her school by dancing with her school mascot at pep rallies. This year, her fellow students planned a surprise for her as she was getting her groove on. Midway through her dance, she turned around to discover six classmates holding signs that spell out “PROM?” and Cope Robinson, a football player and friend of Pollard’s from church, waiting for her with a bouquet of purple flowers.

See the whole thing go down in the video below. I challenge you to be jaded about this adorable “prom-posal”—I held out until the hug at 30-second mark before melting into a puddle of goo. Now, Pollard and Robinson are looking forward to cutting a rug at the dance in April. In the meantime, Pollard says she is most excited about shopping for a prom dress.

Have fun at the prom, you beautiful people.

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Image: ABC News