Will Bradley Cooper Be On The ‘Limitless’ TV Show? He's Definitely Involved In The Show Somehow

What's old is new again, yet again. Bradley Cooper's movie Limitless will be a TV show if CBS picks up the pilot they just ordered, and I already know what you're wondering. Sadly, Cooper is not set to star on the show — instead, a new character named Brian Sinclair will use the same brain-enhancing drugs to solve crimes with the FBI every week. In the film, we never get a concrete answer whether Cooper's character Eddie ever stops taking the dangerous NZT drug, which left room for a sequel in the same way that we got three Hangover and Taken movies. He ends the movie as President of the United States, so if his Limitless world works with the one in CBS' show, he could make a guest appearance working with Brian.

No matter if Cooper appears onscreen, he is a big part of the show. He and the 2011 movie's director Neil Burger (who also directed Divergent, by the way) will executive-produce the TV version. This is actually the third version of the story, considering the movie was based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn, so this could be the best go at it yet. And, hey, if Cooper isn't available, maybe Scarlett Johansson could sign on — Lucy was basically a more intense, female-fronted version of it, anyway.