Who Is Raina Lawson? Taylor Lautner's Supposed Girlfriend Loves Animals & Hates Bullying

Well, it didn't take long for this Twilight star to find new love. For those unaware, Taylor Lautner split from Marie Avgeropoulos earlier in January, which made those in love with the actor very happy that they finally had a shot at dating the man known for bringing Jacob Black to life. Apparently, those fans are going to have to wait a bit longer, because E! News is reporting that Lautner is dating Raina Lawson.

A source told E! that Lautner is now seeing the 20-year-old model and that "it's new." However, if you ask Gossip Cop, the website is reporting that the two are not together. According to its source close to Lautner, "They are not a couple."

Well, just because they might not be a couple doesn't mean they aren't dating. Maybe they're just having fun and hanging out? Whatever the case, I'm sure avid followers of Lautner want to know as much as possible about Lawson. If the two are dating and have a chance of getting serious, Lautner fans will want to make sure she's right for their favorite actor. Plus, they need to know who their competition is, because, let's face it, some truly believe they will eventually date/marry the very good-looking guy.

So, here's what we know about Lawson.

She's A Model

Per her Instagram bio, Lawson models with Photogenics, Wilhelmina, and No Ties agencies. Plus, she shares all kinds of model-like photos, like the one above, so, yeah, she has the modeling thing down.

She Loves Animals

Lawson is all about adopting animals and rescuing those who are desperately in need of forever homes.

She's Friends With Bella Thorne

Lawson seems to be besties with actress Bella Thorne, as you can tell from these photos.

She Can't Get Enough Of Disney

Same, Raina. Same.

She's All About Kindness

As much as she loves Mean Girls, Lawson tries to promote anti-bullying, especially when it comes to females of all ages tearing other females apart. Like she says, be kind to one another.

All in all, she seems like a great catch.