8 Incredibly Weird Valentine's Day Gifts (Adopt-a-Cockroach, Anyone?)

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There are a lot of really fabulous Valentine's Day gifts one could give to one's friends and loved ones: Bouquets made of upcycled book pages... cooking classes for two... jewelry with important coordinates etched onto the surface... I could go on. But it's also come to my attention that there are a lot of incredibly weird Valentine's Day gifts out there, too. Answer me this: Would you really want to give or receive a cockroach as a V Day gift? Think hard before answering. And be honest. The fate of Valentine's Day depends on it.

(Well, not really, but whatever.)

Not that there isn't an audience for off-the-wall gifts; everyone has their own thing, and if you really do dig the idea of giving or getting a hissing cockroach, then by all means, go forth and do it. Still, though; I can't help but think that some of these offerings might appeal to a more niche group of consumers than others.

But hey, at least they're still kind of fun to look at it. The world is a crazy, nutty place, and sometimes we're all in need of a good dose of weirdness. Would you consider gifting any of these options this year?

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