17 ‘Broad City’ GIFs That Accurately Describe All The Struggles Of Adult Life — PHOTOS

It's hard to pick the best moments from Broad City , but they are usually the most quotable and GIF-able scenes. As someone who lives in New York City, watching a show set there about women in their 20s is usually unrealistic — like Hannah's massive apartment on Girls or anything about the portrayal of Brooklyn in 2 Broke Girls — but Abbi Jacobsen and Illana Glazer get it right. Sure, I don't have a secret handshake with Bed, Bath and Beyond employees, but maybe I don't shop there enough. I also need to make my roommate date a dentist who can drive a U-Haul ASAP — bonus points if he can also bake and eat an entire cake like Lincoln.

Basically, every moment on Broad City seems to match up with either my life or someone I know. From just missing a train out of the wrong station to staring down at endless flavors of fro-yo at 16 Handles to cutting the line at the ladies' room at a crowded bar, we are all Abbi, Ilana & Co. To prove that, here are 17 GIFs that accurately describe the struggles of adult life, with situations that you have probably experienced already this week. Let's face it: we're livin' la vida Broad City.

When You See Your Ex In Public

Internally screaming.

When The Line For The Bathroom Is Too Long

Ain't nobody got time for that.

When You Go Out To A Fancy Dinner

Alternatively, when you can afford to buy new clothes.

When You Battle The Morning Commute

Stand clear of the closing doors.

When You Just Miss The Train

Especially the L.

When You Tinder Date For The First Time


When You See Dogs Anywhere, Anytime

Screaming out loud.

When You Are Eating Your Feelings

Alternative GIF: pie in the face.

When Your Favorite Restaurant Isn't On Seamless

Wait, I have to call someone now?

When You Go To The Gym Two Days In A Row

You've got the eye of the tiger, the fire.

When You're Waiting For the Subway In The Summer

And in the winter, too, really.

When The Party Has Open Bar

Shots, shots, shots.

When Rent Is Due

I don't have any money, I'm a baby.

When You Eat Your Sad Desk Salad

Or free yogurt from the company fridge.

When Someone Spoils Your Favorite TV Show

I don't care if you read the books.

When You Tell Everyone It's A Netflix Night

Sweatpants not optional.

When You Take A Call At Work

You can also imagine Ilana sleeping in this one.

Images: Comedy Central; Giphy (17)