Free People Launches Valentine's Day Lingerie E-Book Featuring Model Alyssa Miller

If you're a free spirit and/or someone fascinated with bohemian style, but still unsure if you can pull it off (that would be me), all your lingerie dreams are about to be fulfilled. Free People released a Valentine's Day e-book called 'My Secret Valentine' featuring their line of lingerie modeled by the stunning Alyssa Miller.

The brand's intimates label, Free People Intimately (makes sense), features strappy, delicate pieces that at the end of the day would provide little to no support of any kind, but would look really pretty. Think: You're at a music festival and wearing one of those tiered, loose sun dresses and this lingerie is layered underneath. Yes, you're also wearing a flower crown (sorry, Courtney Love). OK, so now you have the aesthetic in mind.

The collection features many of those pieces, but also a couple of stand-out items that anyone, no matter what their personal style is, would love to own. For example—a pair of ruffled red pajama shorts and a red lace crop top, perfect for pairing with pencil skirts or fun undies. There are all kinds of options, and that's what's so beautiful about this collection. Another beautiful thing about it? Alyssa Miller. I mean, look at her. Flawless.

Images: Free People (3)