21 Reasons Harry Styles Turning 21 Is A Good Thing For You, And Sure, Him Too

There are a lot of things to love about Harry Styles: the hair, those eyes, his sense of humor, the sexy tattoos... the list never ends. Even better is the fact that the love affair all of us have with the best member of One Direction is about to become even more wonderful when he turns 21 on Feb. 1. Gone are the days of feeling weird for having a crush on a guy who is young enough to be your little brother, or someone you baby-sat in middle school. Styles is actually a man now, and in all the best ways. Styles will always be the youngest One Direction guy, but at least now he's an acceptable age to lust after.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Styles' birthday on Sunday, and all of them have to do with drinking British beer to commemorate the occasion. In the meantime, though, it's a great opportunity to reflect on the good things Styles has brought into this world in the past 21 years, like that man bun (which I still have mixed feelings about). And instead of becoming depressed that Styles getting older makes you feel old — a thought I have definitely had as his birthday came closer — it's way better to focus on all of the reasons why Styles turning 21 is a beautiful thing.

1. It's way easier to justify your crush

And next time someone makes fun of you for being in love with Harry Styles, because "isn't he, like, 16," you can shove his 21-ness directly in their face.

2. He can finally buy alcohol in the US

It has to be a huge bummer to drink legally in your home country and then come across the pond only to be refused service — of course, if that's actually what happens. Maybe Styles is important enough that age doesn't matter.

3. He's that much closer to being able to rent a car

Which he can use to drive me to our wedding.

4. And maybe he'll be up for some gambling

Styles can gamble at 21, too — and it's not like he doesn't have plenty of money to do it with.

5. He only gets better with age

Like a fine wine, baby.

6. The music he writes will be way more mature

Where is that solo album? Styles, just break free from the group. They're only holding you down! Except for Niall. He's awesome.

7. It means a whole new year of Harry Styles goodness

The best kind of year there is.

8. He can now legally adopt a child

And how cute would Harry be with a baby? My ovaries would immediately explode.

9. And fly a plane

Stop imagining Harry with a baby and now imagine him in a pilot's uniform.

10. He might actually get a haircut

I mean, he probably won't, but there's always a chance.

11. He can become an Uber driver

What would you do if you called an Uber and Styles rolled up as your driver? If it were me, I would drop dead on the spot.

12. There's plenty of time for more tweets like this

13. And this

14. He'll be 21 on his next tour

Drunk performances? I'm in.

15. And maybe he'll marry you in Vegas

Although let's be honest: I'd marry him in the back of a dump truck.

16. And there will be a whole new year of dance moves like this one

17. And this one

18. And yes, even this one

19. He'll probably get even more tattoos

Usually, I'm not a fan of tons of tattoos on one person, but he's doing it right.

20. And his face will become even more irresistible

If that's even possible.

21. Best of all? He used to be this little guy

And now that this precious angel is 21, he's just as cute as he was as a kid.

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