11 Times Olivia Pope’s Words of Wisdom on ‘Scandal’ Made the World a Better Place

When it comes to naming television role models for women, no one reaches the top of that list more so than Scandal 's leading lady and all-time feminist, Olivia Pope. This political fixer has proven time and time again that she knows how to hold her own even against the leader of the free world, whom she's rightfully put in his place on more than one occasion. Sure, I could do with a little less of the complicated love triangle situation — especially if it meant showcasing more of her badass Gladiator capabilities — but as a whole Ms. Pope's character has proven to be quite the advocate for women and a phenomenal force to be reckoned with.

And that's a big part of what makes Olivia's kidnapping such a brilliant plot twist. If Shonda Rhimes is smart (and we all know that she is), she won't just have Fitz or Jake show up to save the day. No, Liv more than likely will have to rely on herself if she hopes to make it out of this situation alive. But, to be honest, this only helps to secure my confidence in her survival. I mean, this is a woman known for fixing the unfixable. So before we head into Scandal's midseason premiere, I thought it would be nice to look back at some of Olivia's sage words of wisdom throughout the years and take comfort in the knowledge that if anyone can handle such a dire situation, it's Olivia freaking Pope.

When She Fought for Her Self Worth

If you deserve to be treated better, then never settle for anything less.

When She Made Her Priorities Clear

Olivia knows how important it is to stay true to yourself no matter what. You do you, girl!

When She Exuded Confidence in Her Abilities

If you're good at something, own it.

When She Wasn't Afraid to Be Alone

Because sometimes going solo is exactly what you need.

When She Never Lost Faith

In herself or her clients.

When She Was the Ultimate Professional

A Gladiator through and through.

When She Stood Up Against Sexual Assault

She truly is the ultimate champion of women.

When She Spoke Out About Double Standards

I believe someone just got TOLD.

When She Knew There Was Nothing Fries & Wine Couldn't Solve

You can't go wrong with greasy food and alcohol.

When She Demanded Respect

Name-calling is simply not tolerated.

When She Brought Out Her Sass

Olivia Pope, we tip our white hats to you!

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