Is There a New 'RHOA' Episode on Feb. 1? The Super Bowl Will Take Over... With Some Strange Similarities

The ongoing drama of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 is getting better every week after a slow start, since the trip to Puerto Rico cemented that NeNe and Claudia are worthy rivals. But I have to give you some bad news: there is no new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Feb. 1 during the Super Bowl. I know, it's a disappointment. The next episode won't air until Feb. 8, so we have to wait until then to find out what Porsha thinks about Claudia and Kordell flirting or find out about why Kandi was crying in the preview — I'm betting that it's not about her ability to start a family, but her A Mother's Love tour, which was cut short due to poor planning — which feels like forever, especially since the episode will feature Roger Bobb, and good TV drama seems to follow this guy.

But don't fear not having any Sunday night TV to watch. Honestly, there are a lot of similarities between the ladies on Bravo and the professional football players who will be taking the field on Sunday night. For those of you who aren't big sports fans, consider giving this game a chance, because you might find that the already drama-filled Seahawks/Patriots Super Bowl can scratch that RHOA itch. They both have a ton of the same elements, like:


Tall Vs. Small, Twirl Vs. Bloop, anything that can help the ladies determine who to get and not get along with. And just like there's the Patriots and the Seahawks, each team's fans spend most of their time arguing on Twitter with fans of the opposing team. And both teams have their star players. Claudia's surprising shade throwing abilities are the reality TV show equivalent of Kam Chancellor's incredible leap over the offensive line.

A Random Musical Number That Interrupts the Action

Katy Perry's halftime show will draw a whole bunch of viewers who couldn't care less about the score, but for those who are invested in the game, it's a distraction. Just like the way Kim or Demetria's performances always manage to appear in the middle of the episode, right when things are starting to get exciting between NeNe and Kenya.

Stone Cold Interview Responses

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Marshawn Lynch's performance at the Super Bowl's media day is already legendary for how well he managed to just barely fulfill his contractual obligation to show up and answer questions. Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady passive aggressively blamed one another for the Patriots' Deflate-gate in a press conference. Not unlike NeNe's participation in the past few reunion specials.

Trying to Interpret the Sidelines

One of my favorite RHOA type of moments is when one of the ladies is acting all kinds of ways, and instead of arguing with her, the rest of the cast lets some simple sideye express how they feel. And similarly, we can't hear what the coaches are saying into their microphones as they call the plays, but we can easily read their faces.

It's All About the Food

Because Kandi will not rest until every single RHOA party has a plate full of greens and some Bubble Tape on the table to take home, just like I will not rest this Sunday until I prepare four pounds of hot wings for myself.

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