Claudia Wasn't Willing to Accept NeNe's Apology

I could barely see what was on the screen what with all the RHOA shade lately. Claudia Jordan & NeNe Leakes have continued to fight throughout this The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast trip to Puerto Rico. Even though the trip is supposedly about supporting Demetria McKinney's singing performance, the episode started with a good 15 minutes of postgame analysis, where all the shade from the last episode, "Puerto Read-Co," was broken down and discussed. NeNe, Claudia, and Phaedra split the MVP award three ways, as they continued to spit hot shade for the rest of the dinner.

Hair continued to be a hot topic of discussion, with both NeNe's blond hair without adequate edges and Claudia's bob came under fire. I'm just going to say it: EVERYONE's hair looked limp as hell, save Kandi, who was so busy planning the A Mother's Love tour that she didn't have time to frolic in the surf and sun.

Even though NeNe blamed her for orchestrating everything, Kenya kept quiet for the most part, playing the part of prim and proper scold, who didn't intend to offend. Her only shade was delivered via talking head. It's really all about Claudia right now, hunty, because she is refusing to bow down in favor of NeNe.

And what's even crazier is that NeNe apologized. She said sorry to Claudia for starting the dinner party fight! And Claudia's response was... to ignore it. She claimed the apology meant nothing because the ladies were trying to downplay her accomplishments and said a bunch of things about her reputation (mainly calling her a ho and claiming she'd had sex with a lot of men; classy, NeNe) that no one can take back.

And you know what, Claudia didn't even stop there. She also delivered a lot of gossip about Porsha's secret relationship. Porsha may claim to be open about her relationship, but she's deemphasizing things like where she got the money for a Rolls Royce and why the relationship has to be long distance. Claudia point blank claimed that Porsha was dating a married African man, which has been neither confirmed nor denied by Porsha herself, but which certainly sounds like a reason to keep things secret.

Claudia Jordan: the new RHOA is taking no prisoners. You either love her or hate her, but you can't say she isn't making things interesting.

Image: Alex Martinez/Bravo; Giphy (3)