Spencer From 'Glee' — Actor Marshall Williams — Is Shaking Things Up In The Final Season

Glee has always gotten into trouble for its depiction of gays and lesbians: Some viewers thought the characters (like Kurt and Blaine) were caricatures of the LGBT+ community, while intolerant viewers just hated seeing gay people on TV. Lucky, I suppose, for the show, now in its sixth and final season, Glee has added to its cast of unruly misfits a self-proclaimed “post-modern gay” in character Spencer Porter, played by Marshall Williams. So what’s the deal with Spencer? He’s a member of Coach Beiste’s football team, an amazing singer, and an out gay man, but, as he says, his gayness isn’t what defines him (his being a real jerk is probably what defines him, actually).

Spencer makes a real point to make his personality not about his sexuality. When Kurt tried to recruit Spencer for Glee Club this season, Spencer declined, saying that the club is for losers (the more things change, the more they stay the same, huh?). After Kurt tried to appeal to Spencer as a gay man, using their shared experiences as a bridge to convince him from another angle, Spencer went off, declaring himself a “post-modern” gay man that would never let bullies throw him into a trash can. He’s the one that does the throwing; he hates musicals and Lady Gaga, so Kurt can just march himself back to the rehearsal space and buzz off.

It seems as if the Glee writers finally heard all the chatter and decided to do something about it. Only time will tell, but what we can determine is just what’s going on with the six-foot-tall drink of water who plays Spencer: actor and singer Marshall Williams.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Williams got his start in show business as a male model and later a contestant/finalist on both Canadian Idol (in 2007 and 2008) and Canada’s Got Talent. He made small appearances on TV shows like Being Erica, Saving Hope, Alphas, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, and Really Me before landing his big acting break in a lead role in the Disney Channel TV movie How To Build A Better Boy in 2014 as, you guessed it, the titular better boy, Albert Banks.

Williams isn’t resting on his Glee laurels: He has an upcoming role in the Canadian film Headcase, and he’s super active in posting covers of songs on his YouTube page. Here’s a video of him singing the song “Beacon Hill” by singer-songwriter Damien Jurado:

With talent like this, it’s no wonder he ended up on Glee, known for showcasing the skills of Broadway and YouTube singers alike. Though he may be a little rough around the edges, Spencer (and Williams) is certainly a character to watch.

Images: FOX; chordoverstreetdaily/Tumblr