5 Funny Valentine's Day Dates That Aren't Lame

Whether your relationship has got more issues than Vogue, or the two of you are both in a perpetual dream state, at this point in the year you're likely considering what you and your honey should do to celebrate Valentine's Day. When you're all coupled up, Valentine's Day dates become kind of inevitable, but let us first acknowledge the fact that there are two types of people in this world: those who pop a bottle of merlot every night after they get back from their stable 9 to 5 job and expect a beautiful, traditional date on Valentine's Day, and those whose lives include absolutely no tradition and just want to take the festive opportunity to laugh with the ones they love. A healthy sense of humor has long been a top contender in the argument of which characteristic makes a person most attractive; in one USA Today survey, 58 percent of women said a partner's ability to make her laugh was a "must have."

Given these stats, and the fact that "traditional" serves as the diplomat's word for "boring and conservative," (#thanksGOP), here are five funny Valentine's Day date ideas you may not have realized could pass as viable dates. Go make memories you'll actually enjoy.

1. Have an in-house circus night

Hear me out on this one: do you remember how fun circuses were as a kid, before you realized they were expensive money traps and the mummified mermaid on display turned out to be a lipsticked salmon? Good times.

Spending the night munching on some caramel corn, ravaging some turkey legs, painting each other's faces, binging on AHS Freak Show, and exploring strange phenomena on the Internet is an awesome, budget-friendly alternative to dinner and a movie.

That salmon was a harlot, though. *smdh*

2. Make up your own version of "Cards Against Humanity"

Play the game how you normally would, but fill in your own cards; you know each other best. What would make them smile?

3. Compile a list of your funniest moments together

The most sentimental activity on the list, and something every couple should do at least once. Even reading this now, I'm sure a few instances have come to mind. Sharing the memories of your relationship you both love most is the best way I can think to celebrate.

4. Take pictures of yourselves doing handstands at the three weirdest places you can think of

At the pond as an errant duck looks on confusedly; next to that Jack In The Box you used to go to after the club; on that park bench next to your favorite transient. A bit unorthodox, but hey, you want memories, I'll give you memories. You're free to keep it fresh with a good twerk, a wink, or even a one-handed handstand if you're feeling buck wild.

5. Go to your local dessert place and get one of everything

Though I'm not necessarily proud of it, this is a long-standing dream of mine. Red velvet, tres leche and buttercream? *blocks article from workout buddy*

Images: Mindy Project/FOX; Giphy (5)