Jagged Edge Singer Kyle Norman Arrested For Aggravated Assault Of Fiancee & The Story Is Horrifyig

In a horrifying and terrible story, after allegedly assaulting his fiancée, who remains unnamed, Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman was arrested on Thursday, Jan. 29 in Atlanta, Georgia, Us Weekly reports. He is now facing aggravated assault charges. His fiancée told police Norman punched her, choked her with a scarf, and then shoved her engagement ring down her throat, resulting in more choking.

Police told Us she also had "welts under her eyes, a golf ball-sized knot on her upper left forehead, a cut on her nose, and a burst blood clot in her right eye." As if that isn't bad enough, Norman reportedly took her car keys, broke her cell phone, and said that "she was gonna die today."

Norman's fiancée also told police she tried to calm him down by "agreeing with him and soothing him long enough [so] that she could escape to a neighbor's house." Eventually, the police arrived and reportedly found Norman running down the sidewalk and screaming, "I need to go to jail."

The fight allegedly happened while the two argued about Norman's drinking. It's also been said that the singer told police he was upset about his father's recent cancer diagnosis.

Per Us, his fiancée is receiving treatment at the Atlanta Medical Center.