Danny Trejo's Snickers Super Bowl Ad Features The Most Unexpected Surprise Guest Ever — VIDEO

I know, I know: With all of the Super Bowl ads that have been released early this year — from Mindy Kaling's amazing, feminist ad for Nationwide to the crazy explosive ad for the upcoming Insurgent film adaptation — there's been a lot of competition already for best Super Bowl ad of 2015. While my money was originally on Budweiser's promised "Lost Dog" ad (IT FEATURES A DOG AND THAT'S ENOUGH TO MAKE ME LOVE IT)I have to say, I may have to change my tune after seeing what Snickers cooked up for their ad: Because, not only does the Snickers Super Bowl ad feature Danny Trejo as a "hangry" version of The Brady Bunch 's Marcia Brady, but it also features a very special guest whose name I'm about to spoil for you right now.

Five words: Steve. Buscemi. As. Jan. Brady.

Guys, seriously, I think Snickers is on track to really winning the Super Bowl. Not only is this ad a hilarious play on a real episode of The Brady Bunch (like, it uses actual footage and everything — it's shot-for-shot perfect) but it features Danny Trejo doing what he does best: Portraying a teenage girl who doesn't want to go to school because her nose has a bandage on it. I know you guys all loved him in Breaking Bad when he got to play half his role atop a tortoise in the desert, but I really think this was the role he was born to play. And Buscemi...well, 30 Rock already taught us that he's still awesome at playing teenagers, even at the age of 57:

Check the full ad below:

Image: Snickers/YouTube; the-pietriarchy/Tumblr