'American Idol' Contestant Christopher Michael Sings an Original Song & Stresses Out the Judges

It's the last night of American Idol auditions and boy, are we going to miss the craziness. But luckily the producers have been dishing out the crazy in large doses this week to hold us over until next season. It began with the catchy "#IdolBooty" performance at the beginning of the show — seriously, that guy should've gotten a ticket just for his creativity — and continued with 26-year-old Christopher Michael of Los Angeles. OK — so he wasn't as crazy as the girl with a psychic cat, but his performance was a little off.

Michael attempted to wow the judges with his original song but missed the mark. I'll give him one thing — his song was definitely original. The unemployed performer admitted to the preliminary judges that his song was written during a stressful time and he was so inspired to write that he "spit it out like butter." Not exactly sure what that means but I'm totally going to work it in to my daily conversations. "Have you finished that project yet?" "Yeah, I spit it out like butter." That'll definitely get my coworkers to take me seriously, right? Anyway, Michael spit it out and we kind of wish he had kept it in his mouth. Though the song was creative, it wasn't quite performance-ready. And his guitar playing was a little harsh, to put it nicely.

Sometimes I wonder why the producers even put contestants like Michael through to the main audition. Sure, his less-than-stellar performance could be chalked up to nerves and I can totally understand that. But they knew the song wasn't great and wanted to give us a laugh. It makes for great entertainment, but it also gives the contestant a sort of false hope. I was completely heartbroken when Michael walked out of the room empty-handed claiming that he just wasn't the judges style. Well, Christopher Michael, I hope your audition — and this article, for that matter —don't discourage you from chasing your dreams. My only advice: take a guitar lesson.

Image: Youtube - IdolxVoice