Who Says Kelly Kapowski And Feminism Don't Mix?

Every so often, a Tumblr is created that combines two beloved cultural forces into one glorious meme machine. No, it's not feminist Ryan Gosling, it's saved by the bell hooks, a page populated by images of our favorite '90s high school sitcom emblazoned with the powerful words of iconic feminist bell hooks.

When you think about it, the connection has always been there. Saved By The Bell easily exemplifies hooks' "white supremacist capitalist patriarchy," even on a surface reading. All of the characters are caught up in intersecting forms of systemic oppression: Kelly and Jessie have been brainwashed to believe they must choose between brains or beauty in order to maintain the non-threatening, heteronormative dynamic of their romantic relationships, and the two people of color on the show are so blinded by material gain (Lisa) and muscle definition (A.C. Slater) that they lose focus on how oppressive and racist the system they live within (Mr. Belding) actually is. Don't even get me started on Zack, who is an unwitting patriarchal colonizer disguised in casual shrugs and a cute haircut, and Screech, who no doubt grew up to be an angry brogrammer.

But I digress. These memes will make you feel like Jessie Spano on caffeine pills. They will make you wish you could eat fries and a shake during a feminist meet-up at The Max. To the creator of this life-changing tumblr: THANK YOU.

Images: saved by the bell hooks