11 Patriots Super Bowl Decorations Your Party Absolutely Needs

New England has spent the last week facing the wrath of Juno and aggressively defending their home team in #DeflateGate, so you know what? They are more than ready for this on-field battle on Super Bowl Sunday between the Patriots and the Seahawks. Tom Brady can do no wrong, and Bill Belichick is basically a local God. That feeling rings true whether they're parading down the streets of Boston celebrating a championship, or if Tom Brady is spotted golfing after a season-ending loss. You will never meet a New Englander who isn't tough as nails and loyal as a dog. That's just how they (we — Go Pats!) roll.

So if you're attending a Super Bowl party at the home of a Pats fan, you can expect a kick-ass soiree. And if you're the super amazing Super Bowl host who is willing to supervise the antics of a bunch of foolish and drunk football fans... then bless your heart. If you need any last-minute Patriots decorations for your wicked awesome partayy, here they are.

Image: Etsy

Cake Pop Stand

Need a place to display your many cake pops? This is the most American stand you will ever find. (Cake pops not included.)

Cake Pop Stand, $25.75, Etsy

Printable Photo Booth Props

No shipping needed for these printable props! And you don’t need a photo booth either, because tiny hats and paper glasses are funny in any photo.

Photo Booth Props, $5.00, Etsy

Patriots Seahorse

Not your average party staple, this is a team-themed seahorse with colored feathers. It’s equal parts rad and unique, and a great Super Bowl selfie companion.

Patriots Seahorse, $23.00, Etsy

Wine Glass

Now you can get beautifully buzzy without having to verbally communicate which team you’re rooting for. The glass does all the talking for you.

Patriots Wine Glass, $15.00, Etsy

Party Wreath

It’s no Wreath Witherspoon, but it’s still super duper fab.

Patriots Party Wreath, $50.00, Etsy

Pats Pennants

Your fridge needs some team flair, and this is the perfect way to snazz up your cheese and beer box.

Patriots Pennants, $25.00, Etsy

Team Straws

Not only are these color-themed to reflect good guys vs. bad guys, (in the mind of a Pats fan, anyway), but since they only use team colors and not logos, they can easily be used for other future parties. SCORE.

Super Bowl Straws, $8.00, Etsy

Pats Coasters

For the love of your precious table tops, have your guests use coasters. These are an excellent choice.

Patriots Coasters, Set of 4, $15.00, Etsy

Gillette Stadium Sign

They might not be playing the final game of the season on their home field, but that doesn’t mean you can’t honor it with this cool sign, right?

Gillette Stadium Sign, $19.95, Etsy

Suck Feattle Tees

If you’re looking to give out some party favors, or just make sure all of your guests are rooting for the same team, give out these “Suck Feattle” tees.

Suck Feattle tees, $15.00, Etsy

Pats Bottle Koozie

Keep those brews nice and chilled with these Patriots koozies. There’s a zipper in the back, to make it easier to plow through multiple bottles. Pats fans, always planning ahead.

Patriots Beer Koozie, $7.99, Etsy