11 Patriots Super Bowl Decorations Your Party Absolutely Needs

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New England has spent the last week facing the wrath of Juno and aggressively defending their home team in #DeflateGate, so you know what? They are more than ready for this on-field battle on Super Bowl Sunday between the Patriots and the Seahawks. Tom Brady can do no wrong, and Bill Belichick is basically a local God. That feeling rings true whether they're parading down the streets of Boston celebrating a championship, or if Tom Brady is spotted golfing after a season-ending loss. You will never meet a New Englander who isn't tough as nails and loyal as a dog. That's just how they (we — Go Pats!) roll.

So if you're attending a Super Bowl party at the home of a Pats fan, you can expect a kick-ass soiree. And if you're the super amazing Super Bowl host who is willing to supervise the antics of a bunch of foolish and drunk football fans... then bless your heart. If you need any last-minute Patriots decorations for your wicked awesome partayy, here they are.

Image: Etsy

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