Which Super Bowl Team Has The Most Star Support?

I am not going to lie, I am such a bandwagon fan when it comes to this upcoming Super Bowl. I have no genuine allegiance to the New England Patriots nor the Seattle Seahawks, so if I cannot root for a football team of my own accord, then I will make the selection based on celebrity fans. Because of this, I've decided to choose a team based on the collective star power of its celebrity fans. What is my measure of "star power," you ask? Twitter followers, of course. I decided to round up the 11 biggest celeb football fans for each team and add up their Twitter followers as measure of celebrity influence.

What made me decide to root for a team based on this criteria? Well, I asked myself a few questions: Do I just pick the team that my favorite celebrity is rooting for? I have so many favorite celebrities! How could I narrow it down? Do I pick it by the number of celebrity fans that I can find all together? That wouldn't work either, there's way too many. The only way was to rank them using social media follows.

Here's my break down of each team's celebrity fans and a measure of total star power based on Twitter and/or Instagram followers.

New England Patriots

Ben Affleck

Twitter Handle: @BenAffleck

Followers: 1.63M

Matt Damon

Twitter Handle: N/A - Such a shame, that Damon can't come through for his team here.

Followers: 0

Gisele Bündchen

Twitter Handle: @giseleofficial

Followers: 2.38M

Kate Hudson

Instagram Handle: @kathudson (Kate Hudson does not have a Twitter account)

Followers: 926K

Elton John

Twitter Handle: @eltonjohndotcom

Followers: 433K

Mark Wahlberg

Twitter Handle: @mark_wahlberg

Followers: 2.1M

Chris Evans

Twitter Handle: @ChrisEvans

Followers: 1.71M

Donald Trump

Twitter Handle: @realDonaldTrump

Followers: 2.78M

John Krasinski

Twitter Handle: @johnkrasinski

Followers: 1.63M

Conan O'Brien

Twitter Handle: @ConanOBrien

Followers: 14.5M

Elizabeth Banks

Twitter Handle: @ElizabethBanks

Followers: 1.67M

Seattle Seahawks

Katy Perry

Twitter Handle: @katyperry

Followers: 64.2M

Chrissy Teigen

Twitter Handle: @chrissyteigen

Followers: 606K

Apolo Anton Ohno

Twitter Handle: @ApoloOhno

Followers: 301K

Justin Bieber

Twitter Handle: @justinbieber

Followers: 59.8M

Will Ferrell

Twitter Handle: N/A - Yes, one of the funniest people ever is actually Twitterless.

Followers: 0

Chris Pratt

Twitter Handle: @prattprattpratt

Followers: 1.3M

Rainn Wilson

Twitter Handle: @rainnwilson

Followers: 3.98M


Twitter Handle: @macklemore

Followers: 2.6M

Sarah Palin

Twitter Handle: @SarahPalinUSA

Followers: 1.3M

Joel McHale

Twitter Handle: @joelmchale

Followers: 3.58M

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Twitter Handle: @therealmix

Followers: 26.7K

The Score

Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

New England Patriots: 29,399,000 Followers

Seattle Seahawks: 135,287,000 Followers

MVP: Katy Perry, 64,200,000 Followers

If you are looking to choose your winning Super Bowl team based on the star power behind it, it looks like the Seattle Seahawks are the clear winner. It is only fitting that Katy Perry comes in as the MVP of fans with over 64 million followers since she is the half-time show performer this year. However, there could be an upset with this pop culture methodology, so be sure to look out on social media this weekend for celebrity football fans coming out of the woodwork.

Image: Getty Images