What's The Song In The Carl's Jr. All-Natural Burger Ad? You Better Believe It "Rules" — VIDEOS

That ad for the Carl’s Jr. All-Natural Burger raises (at least) two questions: 1) What’s that song? and 2) Do I even want to think about what's in an Unnatural Burger? First up is the answer to inquiry number two: No. No I do not want to even think about what's in an Unnatural Burger. YEESH. Moving on to inquiry number one: IT’S MY GIRL CHARRRRRLIIIIIIIII! Yup, the song in the Carl’s Jr. commercial is “Break the Rules” by Charli XCX. It’s the second single off of the British pop star’s 2014 album Sucker. "Break the Rules", dare I say it, rules.

All-Natural is cool and all, but call me when there's a Supernatural Burger. Now THAT would be something worth writing home about.

Dear Mother & Father,

I went to the ol' Carl's Jr. and ordered myself a Supernatural Burger today. Yes, a Supernatural Burger. Crazy, right? Rather than being wrapped in a paper sleeve and set on a tray, the Supernatural Burger floated out from this glowing cave and landed in my hands. I'd never noticed the cave behind the counter at Carl's Jr., but there it was. Anyway, the burger tasted decently good, but its after effects are not to be denied. If I close my eyes, I can read the mind of whoever is closest to me. And! If I put my hands on my hips, I blend in with my surroundings. The Supernatural Burger turned me into a mind-reading chameleon!

OK, I must go finish vacuuming the living room. (Wish the Supernatural Burger gave me the power to vacuum my apartment with my mind, haha!)

Love, Kristie.

ANYWAY, here's the awesome music video for the awesome song by the awesome Charli XCX:

officialcharlixcx on YouTube

Image: Carls Jr./YouTube