Charli XCX's "Break The Rules' Music Video Features A 'Carrie'-Inspired Rose McGowan Cameo — VIDEO

Yeah, it's been a minute since I've sat at a school desk in a freezing cold classroom and twirled my pencil over my forefinger and thumb while a teacher went over a quadratic equation problem set, but that doesn't mean I'm too far removed to appreciate a "no more papers, no more books"-style song. When Charli XCX dropped 'tude-tastic track “Break The Rules" last Monday, I was immediately game. That sick-nasty bass line plus the "get out of my face, SCHOOL" theme had me feeling GOOD. This Monday, the singer/songwriter released the "Break The Rules" music video.

Oh my god, do I love the music video.

The wardrobe choices, the general mayhem, the high school dance debauchery, and the shopping montage check all of the right boxes for me. Like, if there was a 90-minute feature film starring Charli XCX as the leader of a troublemakin' cool girl clique and Rose McGowan as the no-nonsense chaperone/teacher, I'd watch the heck out of it.

Speaking of flicks, a handful of parts in this music video remind me of a few movies and one TV show. Yeah, the Carrie reference is fairly obvious, but it isn't the only element of the video that made me do a double take.

The video gives me some Jawbreaker vibes:

I can't see Rose McGowan at a school dance and not think about Jawbreaker.

With a splash of The Craft:

No, there isn't any witchcraft in the music video, but the fashions! THE FASHIONS!

There's a bus driver rocking the same hairdo as Otto from The Simpsons:


And, yes, there's a healthy dose of Carrie:

If pig's blood isn't available, you can always dump yogurt (or is it paint? Maybe it's ice cream?) on someone.

Throw in some dancing on top of a school bus and an awesome song, and BAM! The result is magic:

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Images: officialcharlixcx/YouTube(5); fernequalsmc, spacecadet, fernequalsmc, diablito666/tumblr