Petra's Past On 'Jane the Virgin' May Be Mysterious, But That Doesn't Make Her A Villain

There is no shortage of sketchy characters on Jane the Virgin , but Petra might just be the most suspicious of them all. Sure, there's the faceless Sin Rostro, but we don't even know who that is, so until his (or her) identity is revealed, the title will be given to Petra. So far in the season, we've learned a little bit about Petra's past, but there's got to be a lot more to that story than what we know at this point. After all, this is a telenovela, and no one is ever as they seem. But what more could there be to Petra's story? And is she really a villain on Jane the Virgin, or is Petra just misunderstood?

Before I get into speculating a ton on Petra, I think it is worth saying that she might not be the true evil on the show. Petra's behavior is often — nay, almost always — influenced by her mother, Magda. Petra seems like she doesn't want to be a bad guy, but her mother is just all about that evilness (I still don't forgive her for pushing Jane's grandmother down the stairs).

Then again, Petra has been quite deceiving since the beginning of the series. So what's her deal? Here's what we know about Petra, and how there could be (and definitely is) more to her.

Her Past In The Czech Republic

First thing to know, Petra's real name is Natalia. Natalia was together with big, bad Milos — no really, this guy is bad — and Natalia decided to break things off with him. This didn't make Milos too happy, so he decided to seek revenge. While walking down the street with her mother, Magda, Milos jumped out at Natalia and threw acid — or some type of skin melting chemical — at her, but instead of hitting Natalia, it hit Magda, which is why her face is scarred. Out of shock and pain, Magda stumbles into traffic and gets hit by a car, causing her to need a wheelchair.

She Was Engaged To Lachlan

Before she was married to Rafael, Petra was engaged to Lachlan, Rafael's rival. This was back when Rafael was a playboy. Eventually Petra married Rafael instead, and Rafael was diagnosed with cancer. Petra stuck by his side during the recovery, which definitely shows the type of person she was — maybe still is? — but then she tried to trick Rafael into staying in their marriage by being artificially inseminated. One step forward, two steps back.

Why Is Milos Still Seeking Revenge?

We still really need to know why Milos was so mad at Petra for breaking up with him. He might just be a crazy guy who seeks physical revenge, but why is Petra still being hunted down by Milos, so many years later? If you remember, the whole reason Petra and her mother were holding Ivan hostage was because he was blackmailing her for money or else he'd give Milos her most recent identity. Is it possible that Petra/Natalia was more involved with Milos' evil doings than she's letting on? It definitely wouldn't be that surprising.

Is She The Villain?

Even though Petra is sketchy, she's not the real villain of this show. Her intentions, while for her own self-interest, are rarely evil in their intent. She held Ivan hostage, not because she wanted to hurt him, but because she couldn't afford to buy off his silence for his safety. She just needs to watch out for her mother, Magda. Because something tells me that woman is willing to do just about anything, and she's the real danger in Petra's life.

Images: Tyler Golden/The CW; JaneGIFS/Tumblr (4)