Three Brothers Recreate Hilarious Childhood Photos

At this point, I'm sure you've probably seen approximately eight kazillion sets of recreated childhood photos, and have maybe even tried your hand at a few yourself. Hell, I almost did it too, but I was scared of the kind of awkward stuff that was likely to happen if I got my brother mixed up in recreating our haphazard childhood antics. Luckily, there are bolder people on this planet to cover for weaksauce like me. Example: this gang of three brothers who recreated childhood photos for their mom. Their version of this trend is perhaps more fearless yet.

It starts out tame enough, with the three brothers awkwardly riding on rocking horses and posing on a rocking chair together. But they don't just stop there: Their photobombing dad gets thrown into the mix, as does their long-suffering grandmother, who looks 300% confused about a picture they all took blowing out the candles of a cake. (Please tell me she got some afterward. That's all I need to know to be okay.) And just in case you doubted the badassery of these three brothers, they hardcore committed to this calendar by even recreating a nekkid bath tub scene that has made me feel...confused. Is it okay to be attracted to grown men if they're recreating a photo with children in it? I have a lot of questions. And a lot of feelings. I'll just leave you with this.

Behold the glorious brotherly awkwardness unlike any you have ever seen:

Images: boredpanda/Twitter