The Kardashians Make Sam Smith Feel Incredibly Awkward If These Pics Of Their Meet-up Are Any Indication — PHOTOS

Sometimes it's hard to believe that big, echoing voice comes out of Sam Smith. He's just so cute with that rockabilly coif. But he had a banner year in 2014 due to that big booming voice, with "Stay With Me" becoming ubiquitous despite the fact that it's a melancholic ballad. He's even performing at the 2015 Grammy Awards. And he's got some famous fans, too. On Thursday night, a slew of Kardashians attended Sam Smith's concert and more importantly, forced him to pose in about a hundred Instagram photos with them.

OK, probably not forced, as the 22-year-old singer posted a photo on his own Instagram thanking Kim for coming to his show, but... why does he look so awkward? Obviously he loves Kim K; he called her a beautiful human in his caption of their photo together, and she certainly is. I mean, look at that faux-fur capelet. That's a level most of us will never get on. But in that very same photo, Smith looks like he has been forced to pose for a prom photo by his mom. It eerily reminds me of that Friends episode where Chandler can't smile.

But there's more!!! Kim Kardashian posted a bunch of photos from the Las Vegas show on her own feed, a few with just Smith and one with herself, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and honorary Kardashian Cara Delevingne with Smith, and my god, he looks so... awkward. That's the only word for it. Let's take a closer look.

Look at these beautiful girls crowding around Sam Smith! He looks pained. Like he doesn't know what to do with his hands? Smith was probably just starstruck and worried about sticking out like a sore thumb, but he really looks uncomfy.

Kim was all, Sam, let's be on the outsides! Looks like he tried to pose like her and give those bedroom eyes to the camera but he only committed 50 percent.

Look, he's adorable and he obviously loves her. He's probably just nervous, and who can blame him, really? Relax, Sammy! You're a star now too!

There you go, bud. You might have missed the "do a pout" memo, but you look way more relaxed here. That's the attitude to have.